Feeling stuck is a state of mind. Being stuck is a state of choice.

Discover how you can choose to live your life on your terms and attract opportunities to you.


Choosing Happiness

Happiness has always been a choice and one you choose in every moment. It’s supposed to be your natural state. Let me help you get back to who you really are.

7 signs it's time to change your mindset

Is it time you changed your mindset? This is for anyone who feels like they are living the same year over and over again. Nothing seems to ever get better, you’re just getting by. Find out if you have these 7 signs.

Understand Your Mindset

It’s natural to think your mindset is just how you think. It’s a little bit more than that, discover how you can really understand your mindset and achieve your life dreams.

Emma’s worksheet for helping you to achieve your goals is simple and very effective. At least it is for me. It’s amazing, I haven’t been able to find something like this in the States. It’s not only helped me to get organized but also prioritize everything I’m doing and have planned now and for the future! It’s a blessing to me and a lot less stress!!!

Karen Viramontes

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Emma May Life Coaching offers a variety of mindset coaching materials which encourage you to develop your thinking, understanding and emotions around how you meet your core values. Your core values are the things you consider the most important or must-haves in your life.

Usually, the BIG goal your working towards; the perfect partner, climbing the career ladder, becoming an Entrepreneur, financial abundance, happiness, fitness and much much more.

These implementation guides help you understand the workings of your life and how you may be unintentionally holding yourself back from your real desires.

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